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Lead UX Designer
1 UXD, 2 PM, 1 SDM, 19 SDE
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Trusted Advisor provides best practices learned from serving hundreds of thousands of AWS customers. Trusted Advisor inspects customer's AWS environment, and then makes recommendations in 5 pillars:

  • Cost Optimization

  • Performance

  • Security

  • Fault Tolerance

  • Service quotas


AWS has four support plans for customers. This project is specifically for Enterprise Support (ES) level customers. Only ES customers have access to all Trusted Advisor checks and also a designated account team. The technical account manager (TAM) is the primary AWS poc for every customer and they use Trusted Advisor data to find opportunities for their customer. 

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With the growing list of ES customers, one of our main org level goal was to increase TAM efficiency to meet the growing ES customer base. I lead customer interviews, deep dive sessions with TAMs and account teams to gather data for pain point discovery. They discovery data along with uncovering the TAM persona and external AWS customer persona's journey helped me convert the pain points to opportunities. 



The discovery and analysis lead to the design of an internal and an external console. The internal console allowed for TAMs to proactively monitor risks and provide personalized and prioritized recommendations for their customers. The external console, Trusted Advisor Priority allowed leadership of AWS customers to access their personalized account team guidance and self serve their reporting needs. 

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Trusted Advisor internal console


Trusted Advisor external console

To comply with an NDA, this is all I can show you now in an online portfolio. I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information. Please contact me for more design explorations, iterations after validations and interactive prototypes. 


With 3700/4215 contractual entities onboarded and 87% customer adoption the new and improved Trusted Advisor is able to provide:

Closed loop mechanism
Account teams are now able to increase their consistency in following-up with customers and follow a traceable workflow that increases productivity.

Proactive monitoring and guidance
Account teams now have more time to spend deep diving customer architectures, proactively identifying cost anomalies to reduce unanticipated spend, and customizing and creating a plan to meet customer objectives.

Feedback from customers:

“One place to see everything! I can see this integrated with JIRA, set a due date on actions, push to a team’s backlog, plan them in our sprints and track progress to our goals. Very very helpful!”– Inmar

“Great to have access to QBR information so we can process it ahead of the meeting. The in-person meeting will shift from slide reviews to talking about content!” - John Deere

“We love and we definitely need this kind of continuous, interactive mechanism! Today it is completely manual and we rely on people to alert us on stuff” – HSBC

“We begged for these tools when I was a TAM! Great way to show the value of ES!” - ex-TAM, Amazon Game Studios

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