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Project XYZ

A File Sharing Platform

This is a MVP of a file sharing platform we are working on to help the clients look for potential investors. We took a very primitive idea of the client and nurtured it to a whole lot bigger than it was initially thought out as. Essentially what the platform does is enables users to share files of various types in private and public groups. As a finished platform if would work as a document management system with a social twist. It is interesting to think of an idea ground up and watch it take shape. This project is still under the making. 

Team : Part of a two person design team 

Project Phase : MVP Design

Project Status : On-going

Tools Used : 

  1. Paper and Pencils for Sketching

  2. DropBox Paper for internal idea documentations

  3. Mind-Node for mapping

  4. Sketch for final VD

  5. DropBox for client deliverables


The project started with the client approaching us with an excel sheet filled with a list of features and an idea which they wanted to give shape to.  The first phase of the project was to design a non-interactive MVP design for the clients to pitch to the investors. 

The clients are targeting the students. To validate the idea from the target audience itself,  I conducted user interviews to listen to their needs. This was followed by making a persona sheet to document the user interview to keep us on track throughout the design phase.  

Empathy Map

Combining the analysis from the user interviews and the list of features from the  client’s excel sheet we curated a mind map of the best possible navigation.

Site Map
Site Map

With the on-going iterative discussions with the client the visual designs are constantly improving and changing. The style guide is constantly evolving with every iteration. As this is an on-going project everything from this stage on is constantly evolving.

Creating a Pitch deck for Investors:
  • A 3 minute compelling story. Aim: To excite the investors and score a second meeting.

    • Identify the problem

    • What is the solution

    • How is the product logically solving the problem?

  • Hook them. Introduce the problem. 

  • Provide probable solution, dive deeper in the problem, propose the product as the solution and continue the cycle.

  • Show that your product is the best solution thus far. By using words, illustrations etc. 

  • Back pocket stories: Anticipate investor’s questions and have answers ready. Understand your competition and highlight how you are different.

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