My Recent Projects


An independent expenditure life cycle tracker to make the day to day tasks of political fundraisers easy and efficient. 

Product Design & UX/UI

Independent Expenditure Lifecycle Tracker


I worked with campaigns to give their fundraisers a limited view into their database to see the contributions that they have raised and are being credited for.  

Product Design & UX/UI

RAISER - A Tool For Fundraisers

I worked closely with the stakeholders to design a user facing mobile application and a customer facing web application. 

Product Design & UX/UI

PRAY - Connecting You & Temples

I was responsible for Peanut through all its phases of design. This is my first project in the Experience Design Center @ S/LAB.  

Product Design & UX/UI

PEANUT - A Project Management Tool

An article on how to build a Design Language System. The article also talks about the benefits it brings to the brand, business and the users. 


DLS - Design Language System

What we should be thinking about when designing for the elderly? Overlooking any small detail will lead to a bad product. 


Rethinking a TV remote for the Elderly

S/LAB is a nested startup at Skcript. We work on fun projects that unifies design and technology. We Innovate, Ideate, Build & Create! 

Heading S/LAB @SkcriptHQ

S/LAB - A Lab for where Design meets Technology

I started EDC at S/LAB as a wing solely for Experience Design. Here we work with new and existing projects to push good experiences. 

A S/LAB initiative.


I started GBUX to create a pool of good and bad UXs, so that we can appreciate the good ones and make the bad ones good.  

A personal initiative.

GBUX - Make Bad UX Good and Good UX Better.