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The Raiser Tool allows a campaign to give their fundraisers a limited view into their database to see the contributions that they have raised and are being credited for. The Raiser Tool is fed with contribution and attribution data from NGP (the parent platform) allowing the fundraisers to view the data in near real time. 



To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this project. The project displays my thinking, abilities and skillset without tampering with the NDA.



When operating on a national scale a campaign raises large sums of money very quickly. Major donors still account for significant portions of that money, especially in the early days of the campaign. The problem the campaigns were facing is the fundraisers quite frequently pressing campaign staff for constant updates about what money has come in. The cycle of manual communication between the campaign staff and the fundraisers created space for human error and miscommunication. Harboring frustration in both parties.


A mind map to understand the bundler concept

To pinpoint the problems :

pin point problems.png

How did we hear about them and why we decided to look into this issue seriously? 

  • Multiple direct requests from campaigns to solve these issues.

  • Major success of the makeshift tools by HRC during 2016 presidential.

  • Donors are directly asking campaigns for tools to help with their frustrations.




User Interviews

Story Boarding

Competitor Landscape





Site Map


High Fidelity Mockups

Interactive Prototype



User Testing

Iterative Design Changes

Setting Measures of Success


The product manager and I interviewed many campaign managers, fundraising directors, and campaign staffs to understand the problem in-depth. We spent about 2 weeks scheduling and carrying out interviews, documenting our findings and coming up with workable goals to achieve with this project. 


Save time

Raiser Tool Storyboard (1)-1.png
Raiser Tool Storyboard (1)-2.png



Financial director

“I would like my Bundlers to have up to date details and the ability to easily invite their donors to high dollar fundraising events”

“I want my staff to be able to run a smooth operation”

"I want get more bundlers involved in the campaign"

Campaign Staff

"Updating the bundlers on the status of their raises take up so much of my time"

"I once gave a bundler the wrong link to an event. The campaign lost a few high-dollar donors because of that. I feel really bad"


"I am not sure if Mr.Smith made the contribution he pledged at yesterday's fundraiser"

"I wish my donors can contribute at the event"

"ughh! I have to call the campaign again for the link to next weeks fundraiser"

A few direct quotes from my interviews with financial directors, campaign staff and bundlers.


No one had a direct competing tool, but HRC built a version of this using Vertica. If we din't have a good solution then the presidential campaigns would have built a solution outside NGP. We had to act fast and smart to capture the market. 


Customer Goals

  • Manage Campaign - Fundraiser relationships

  • Automate data delivery

User Goals

  • Be able to self-serve

  • Motivation to raise more money

Business Goals

  • Raise additional revenue

  • Prevent presidential campaigns from exploring parallel CRM solutions.


Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 1.36.29 PM.png

This is the persona for the bundler. I used the Organizer Olivia persona from Progress UI for the campaign staff.



To create a tool that enables a campaign’s fundraisers to self-serve, as opposed to pressing campaign staff for constant updates about what money has come in and if the invites to high dollar fundraising events were sent to potential donors. This will not only free up campaign staff's time but also gets the fundraisers more invested and gamifies the whole fundraising experience. It will be geared towards high-dollar fundraisers who are primarily concerned with getting credit for fundraising, and the perks that come with that credit. 

Self Serve

The fundraisers can now look up what they want themselves without contacting the campaign staff


The experience is gamified to motivate fundraisers to perform and deliver.

Save time

The campaign staff's time is now cleared up to maintain a smooth operation. 


To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I can not share the wireframes, mockups or the prototypes with external parties. Below you can see the workflow diagrams without giving away too much information.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.32.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.32.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.32.31 PM.png


I conducted user testing with the candidates we interviewed and got some interesting feedback which I then solved for in the mockups and prototype. For the user testing, I gave the candidates mock scenarios and presented them with the interactive prototype. I requested them to talk aloud and assured them that it is not a test for them but rather the product. I got the candidates permission to record the session which was useful for us as a team to watch again and make sure we havnt missed anything.  Again due to my NDA I am unable to share the test findings and how I handled them.


  • Direct Revenue meets or exceeds expectations

  • Non-Presidental races start purchasing this feature as presidential campaigns drop out and their staff moves to senate and gubernatorial races.

  • End users are routinely logging into their raiser tool pages


  • Storyboarding and user journey mapping is key to understanding and uncovering potential problem areas.

  • Paying close attention to casual conversations with clients can open new markets of revenue.

  • Act quickly to capture fresh market.


  • At present only the campaign staff can create a fundraising event in the CRM. The staff sends the bundler a link to the event which the bundler uses in his invite email to the supporter. I would enable the bundler to create fundraising events on the CRM by himself.

  • If a supporter who is not a contact on the CRM attends the event his contribution will not be recorded even if he contributes. I would enable a bundler to be able to add new contacts easily without reaching out to the campaign staff again.

    I think this would tie up the whole bundler workflow and make him self-serve better thereby freeing up campaign staff time for more pressing issues. I am hoping to work with my team to make these possible in phase 2 of this project.